Brewing bold adventurous beers...
I love beer.
I mean I really love beer!
Lets have a go at making it.
Thats pretty much how it all started.
It’s all about making great-tasting beer.
A lifetime in the pub industry has lead to a passion for cleaning and beer. Surely the natural progression is to start a brewery?

We brew a high-quality range of beers with an emphasis on striking brews that break the traditional mould. At the moment there is an explosion of new beer styles by innovative brewers. We are part of this revolution, with a particular interest in hoppy-style beers.

Our first cask-conditioned ales are now widely available, with our latest brew usually to be found on the bar at the Jolly Brewer, an award-winning CAMRA real ale pub in Stamford.

For more details on how to order Baker's Dozen beer, please get in touch:

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